Protein Shakes: The Whey To Go!

So you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to whey proteins? Isn’t it just for body builders? I’m not looking to bulk up so why do I need to take any whey protein? Before you make up your mind on whether or not to consider supplementing your diet with whey protein powders, consider the following health benefits highlighted by our experts

Seven Reasons Shatavari (Asparagus) Are A lady’s Best Friend

Shatavari, translated “she who possesses a hundred husbands”, has been used in traditional indian medicine (Ayurveda) as a general female reproductive tonic and hormonal balancer.

Grown throughout India, this specie of asparagus (Asparagus racemous) has been shown to have several fertility benefits for both men and women. It has been used for centuries to improve overall fertility with no toxic effects reported with long term use.

Boost Your Fertility Naturally In The Comfort Of Your Kitchen!

Nature’s Lab® experts have put together a list of ten everyday foods which have been found to be potent fertility boosters. These foods can be consumed as part of a fertility-enhancing diet & lifestyle program designed to increase your chances of successful conception.

Lighten Your Skin Fast & Naturally With These Ten Proven Home Remedies

With increasing evidence of the long term harmful effects of skin bleaching, our experts at Natures Lab recommend avoiding harmful skin bleaching chemicals and opting for more gentle natural means of lightening the skin. Our top ten recommendations are:

World Cancer Day – What can nature do to help?

The dreaded killer disease has brought pain and suffering to far too many families across the globe. Even worse is the fact that the number of victims of this disease seems to be on the rise. More worrying is the fact that conventional western medicine seems overwhelmed by the onslaught of this disease and doesn’t seem to have the effective answer that mankind is seeking.

5 Nigerian Foods You Never Want to Underestimate Again

As we embark on the still relatively new year ahead, our experts at Nature’s Lab® have compiled a list of 5 seriously healthy Nigerian foods that could transform your life. Packed with nutrients and versatile enough to be enjoyed in a variety of ways, these foods can be seamlessly added to your diet as part of your healthy eating goals for the year ahead